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FOX News
Jul 10, 2013 8:00am PDT
. jon: judge debra nelson kicking off today's start of the george zimmerman murder trial with a blow to the defense, ruling that an animated reenactment cannot be introduced at trial, just one of two major rulings against zimmerman's defense so far this morning. phil keating is joining us live from the seminole county criminal justice center in sanford, florida. i guess not a great start this morning for zimmerman's defense, phil. >> reporter: but, jon, probably not that much of a surprise as judge debra nelson was sounding very skeptical about allowing these two pieces of key defense evidence into this trial. looking live inside the courtroom now there on the witness stand is dennis root, he is a law enforcement trainer. he's one of the final witnesses expected to be called today by zimmerman's defense prior to it resting its case. he's testifying right now on when justified deadly force can be used in specific circumstances. judge nelson this morning also ruling those photos of marijuana and be a handgun found -- and a handgun found in trayvon martin's phone and text messages about
FOX News
Jul 12, 2013 8:00am PDT
the evidence, you'll have all this before you. judge nelson's going to read it to you, and she's going to give it to you, but just to focus on what to do about in this these witnesses, the question is whether or not they had the opportunity to see and know these things they're telling you about, obviously. that's a vantage point concern how they really can look at it. perception, for example, if somebody came in wasted off their minds, it would give them less credibility. we don't have that here, you have to look at it and decide. if you had an opportunity to see what they're talking about. did they have an active memory? and we know that memory's affected by traumatic events. i think ms. srdyka was a permit example of that. she was frantic. and i think it may have impacted on her ability to recall. not calling her anything but a person affected by the circumstances. were they honest and straightforward? if i would put up on that pedestal ms.-- [inaudible] as whether or not she presented in a way that made some sense. just seemed to be saying what's your memory and very willing to show you. di
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2